Series: Triplet Witch
Publisher: Berkley, 2009
Genre: Romance
Sub-genre: Paranormal

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Allow me to mention straight up that I haven't read the previous two books in the trilogy. It's not my usual choice to dive into a series by picking up the last book, but I had been assured Never Been Witched worked as a stand-alone. And it does, sort of. I could follow the story and the characters well enough, but I was also made aware I was missing pieces. So should anyone find themselves intrigued by this book, I highly recommend checking out the other two first, which will hopefully mean all the references to things having gone on before page 1 here isn't so very distracting.

A lot of the story focuses on the sex between Destiny and Morgan. This had some interesting potential, with him being a virgin and her being more experienced, but since Morgan was apparently able to learn everything he needed to know about sex from books, he manages to last all night his first time. In fact, he frequently pleasures Destiny until she passes out, which makes me think they must be doing something horribly wrong. Certainly it doesn't sound like much fun.

Having come to the series already in progress, I'm hoping the characters were well established in the previous two books. When they're not in bed, they're exploring the ghosts of Morgan's past and Destiny's psychic predictions (which seem to come true with 100% accuracy), and in spite of Morgan being creeped out by the eerieness of the way Destiny's predictions seem to reflect his life, they didn't seem as much the "opposites attracting" as the author wanted me to believe. Certainly not enough to justify Destiny's despair when she realizes she's in love with Morgan but they could never build a life together because they're just soooo very different.

In picking the book out of my TBR pile, I was hoping for something light and fun. Light it definitely was, although while it had its smileworthy moments, it ultimately failed to charm me. Readers looking to indulge in some psychic romance may want to give it a whirl (after reading the other two books), but I think it's really one of those books you have to already be anticipating to get much satisfaction from it.