Publisher: Berkley, 2008
Genre: Romance
Sub-genre: Historical

What is with the seafoam green dress? Who outside of the 1970s wears seafoam green? Although I suppose she's not really wearing it, since the instant she takes a breath, that thing is going to fall right down. I'd also like to point out the big, creepy hand in the middle of her back. That this is downright creepy. Actually, the cover says "horror" more than "romance" to me, but I suppose some people are into disembodied hand love. Kinky.

Incidently, why is it called seafoam green? Sea foam is not that colour. Seriously.

And while I'm being picky, Jess has blonde hair and is described as golden, not a rosy brunette. Pah. This book so deserves a better cover.

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Fear the power of this book's awesomeness. It will kick you in the head with its greatness, and you will be grateful it did.

I think it's fair to say I loved My Lord and Spymaster and highly recommend it to anyone who likes spies or mysteries or romance. Or ferrets. Or, y'know, just anyone who can read. If you'll excuse me, now, I have to go accost some random strangers and force them to read this book.